Root Canal Therapy in Maynard, MARoot canal therapy, which is also known as endodontic therapy, is the treatment of the pulp tissue in a tooth, with the desired result being removal of all infection and the protection of the tooth from all future microbial infection.

Root canal therapy is performed on teeth whose nerve has died or become infected as a result of deep decay or trauma. Without this intervention, it is almost certain that these teeth would need to eventually be extracted. Thus the root canal therapy effectively saves your teeth and prevents you from needing to have tooth replacements, such as bridgework or implants, in the future.

During this therapy, the pulp and nerve of the tooth are removed and replaced with an inert plastic material and then covered with a crown, for fracture protection. After therapy, you can eat normally and usually the tooth will last a long time.

Root canal therapy, when done by a skilled dentist such as Dr. Glenn Jackson, is quick and almost completely painless.

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